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Viatris Support for Greater Access in Healthier Markets

At Viatris, we are committed to making medicines more accessible by increasing competition and finding policy solutions that ensure benefits of competition reach patients. We recognize that the price of medicines can present an access challenge for patients, particularly when health system policies do not adequately support the equitable provision of health services. We believe that the value created by universal access to appropriate, high-quality medicines, particularly in the off-patent sector, is greater than the savings achieved by cuts to health and medicines budgets.

Generic Savings by Therapeutic Area:

As generics, complex generics, and biosimilar products continue to face challenges to market entry it is essential to advance meaningful policies that will increase access to affordable medicines to help patients and the U.S. healthcare system achieve the full potential of generic and biosimilar savings.

Us  Generic and Biosimilar Impact on U.S. States