Fighting infectious disease

Our commitment to combatting infectious disease is significant. In 2023, we provided access to high-quality and affordable ARVs to nearly 125 countries. This includes providing ARV treatment to approximately 8.6 million patients, more than 670,000 of whom are children living with HIV/AIDS. In the U.S., we have launched lower-cost options to several common treatments in an effort to reduce the high cost of care. And recently, we partnered with the TB Alliance to develop a treatment for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis.


Sesame Workshop

Viatris has partnered with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, to develop resources that support the social and emotional needs of families during the COVID pandemic. These resources, available in multiple languages, include Grover and his mom making Grandma’s soup over video chat when they can’t be together and Elmo’s dad helping him name and cope with the feelings of fear of getting sick.


Dispensary of Hope

Since 2012, Viatris has partnered with Dispensary of Hope, an organization that connects medication surplus from manufacturers and physicians with low-income and underinsured patients in the U.S. We have donated more than 230 million doses spanning a variety of therapeutic areas.


Children participating in Classrooms around West Virginia
Participation in STEMCARE Programming through 4-H Camps